European Telecommunications

Satellite Organization

EUTELSAT IGO is an international organisation comprising 49 Member States. Its mission is to maintain the rights to use radio frequencies and orbital locations which were assigned collectively to the Member States by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and to oversee the operations of Eutelsat S.A. so as to ensure that the company complies with the EUTELSAT Amended Convention. EUTELSAT IGO plays an active role within the global satellite and telecommunications communities.


Executive secretary

The Executive Secretary is the legal representative and Head of Mission of EUTELSAT IGO appointed by and responsible to the EUTELSAT IGO Assembly of Parties. At its 42nd meeting in March 2021, the Assembly of Parties reelected Mr Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski of Poland for a second four-year term beginning on 2 July 2021.

EUTELSAT Amended Convention

The EUTELSAT Amended Convention is the international treaty applicable to EUTELSAT IGO. The Organisation’s main role is to ensure that the Basic Principles set forth in the Amended Convention are observed by the Company Eutelsat S.A.

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