Visit of Thales Alenia Space facilities in Cannes

The Executive Secretary of EUTELSAT IGO participates in meetings of the Board of Directors of the Eutelsat group of companies. At the invitation of Thales Alenia Space and along with the Eutelsat Board members, the Executive Secretary was able to visit the Cannes Space centre dedicated to spacecraft manufacturing.


The guests were able to witness the complex process of satellite manufacturing and to visit the cleanrooms of EUTELSAT 10B and EUTELSAT KONNECT VHTS satellites that are built by Thales Alenia Space on behalf of Eutelsat.


While EUTELSAT 10B at 10┬░ East will be dedicated to mobile connectivity, EUTELSAT KONNECT VHTS will aim at providing high-speed Internet across Europe and cover isolated areas where there is a limited reach for terrestrial networks. Both satellites are scheduled to launch in 2022.


Photo credit: ┬ęThales Alenia Space


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