Assembly of Parties

As stated in Article VII of the EUTELSAT Amended Convention, the Assembly of Parties is composed of all the Member States which are Parties to the EUTELSAT Convention.

The Assembly of Parties meets ordinarily every two years. It may also hold extraordinary meetings at the request of one or more Parties supported by at least one-third of the Parties or at the request of the Company Eutelsat S.A. A summary of all the meetings held since 2001 can be found here.

The Assembly of Parties adopts its rules of procedure which include provisions for election of its Chairman, Vice-Chairman and other officers, convening of meetings, representation and accreditation and voting procedures. The functions of the Assembly of Parties are defined in Article IX of the EUTELSAT Amended Convention. Click here for the full list its functions.

Between two ordinary meetings, the Assembly of Parties is assisted by an Advisory Committee.

The complete documentation for the Assembly of Parties is only accessible to accredited representatives of EUTELSAT IGO on the secure area of the website. To connect a username and password provided by the Secretariat is required.

The next ordinary meeting of the Assembly of Parties will take place during the first Semester of 2023.