Since 2001, EUTELSAT IGO has a twofold role. It maintains the rights to use radiofrequencies and orbital locations which were assigned collectively to the Member States by the International Telecommunication Union before the 2001 restructuring. These rights, which the Organisation has agreed to place at the disposal of the satellite operator Eutelsat S.A., are crucial to the operation of the majority of Eutelsat S.A.’s satellites.

EUTELSAT IGO also monitors the operations of the company Eutelsat S.A. in particular to ensure that the Basic Principles are observed in accordance with Article III a) of the Amended Convention, where they are defined as follows:

  • public service/universal service obligations: the company offers audiovisual services in conformity with the relevant national regulations and international agreements, in particular the provisions of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television related to the universal service concept and the information society;
  • pan-European coverage by the satellite system: the company serves, on an economic basis, all areas where there is a need for communications services in Member States;
  • non-discrimination: the company provides services on an equitable basis, consistent with applicable laws;
  • fair competition: the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations relating to fair competition.